Windows 11 Update

Be Careful, Know About it Before upgrading To Windows 11

What everyone needs to Know about before upgrading To Windows 11

Microsoft has recently announced the latest windows version windows 11, People are getting a lot of rumors and confused by the details. You recently came across my YouTubers installing Windows 11 and working with it, Form that we can clearly see that the Microsoft team has taken much in user interface design work and designed to run on dual Screen devices and to compete more with Chromebook and iPad. Let’s answer the question that roaming around in everyone’s mind, know about everything before upgrading windows 11 what are the requirements for our Pc or laptop, and what is a TPM?

Basic Requirement and Specification for Windows 11 Update

  • 4 Gigabyte RAM
  • 64 Gigabyte of Drive Space
  • At least 720 pixels display resolution
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0
  • UEFI and secure Boot capable
  • At least 1 GHz dual core CPU
  • DirectX 12 compatible graphics, Either dedicated or Onboard

Microsoft has raised the requirement quite a bit for windows 11. At first, it does not sound bad, after knowing the CPUs that are either Intel 8th Gen or AMD Ryzen 2000 series or newer version of the CPU only officially supported by Windows 11. That, unfortunately, drops out many peoples with machines that aren’t really old. The thing that needs to settle down those users are Microsoft teams have no idea of abandoning windows anytime soon, and much like the surrounding windows 7. Windows 11 may be run in older machines that may be not officially supported. We’ll have more details on their Launch. These things are need to know about specification before upgrading to windows 11.

What Is TPM?

A lot of people get confused about what is TMP. Without getting more complicated and technically, TPM is a security technology that stores a hardware encryption key, usually in a dedicated TPM module, that prevents unauthorized access or changes to hardware or software. Share Holders are already hiking the price of the TPM module and supplies are getting lower from the day of the announcement.

The good thing to hear is if your system comes under the requirements of likely supports either Intel’s PPT (Platform Trust Technology) or AMD’s FTPM (Firmware TPM), you neither need a dedicated TPM module. What is it for then if it’s not required? The difference is that the encryption keys are stored in the TPM module itself, if it’s installed, rather than the firmware of the board itself. My advice is not to rush out for buying the TPM module.

Can I find if My PC is TPM compatible?

Check if either Intel PPT or AMD FTPM is already enabled by opening windows PowerShell as administrator. After Open Windows PowerShell as administrator, type command “get-tpm ” and press enter button. The screenshot picture added below are showing the TPM is either enabled or disabled. If the TPM is enabled then you are ready to install windows 11. If TPM is disabled, you need to go to the BIOS either PPT or FTPM by the following steps

know-about-it-before-upgrading-to-windows-11.TPM Enable
know-about-it-before-upgrading-to-windows-11.TPM disabled
  1. Access the BIOS by hitting the BIOS key during boot (mostly F2) or use the windows advanced start menu
  2. Go to advanced section
  • For Intel, Go to PCH-FW configuration and press enter. Enable PTT option will be there. Message Box will be displayed about explain the changes, press okay and Then Press F10 to save and exit.
  • On AMD, FTPM be at top of the list under advanced. Change it from DTPM to FTPM and Press F10 to save and exit.

After that, you can run that command in PowerShell again to confirm that it worked. There’s no reason to worry about UEFI and Secure Boot. If your system is capable of running Windows 11, UEFI and Secure Boot do not need to be enabled, the board has to be secure boot capable.

I hope this I cleared up some mixed messaging requirements for Windows 11. In my opinion, if your PC is a Laptop built within the last 2 years, then you are most likely ready for windows 11.

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