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Are Nothing Ear (1) earbuds are cheap and best wireless earbuds?

The major two factors that made Nothing earbuds more hype are founder Carl Pei who is the former founder of one plus and the Price of this product. The Company mainly focused product want to produce the product that inspires and excitement. Nothing Ear (1) is an interesting product, they look good and gives more feature that you’d expect at this price, but these aren’t game-changing. Is Nothing earbuds are cheap and best wireless earbuds? In my opinion, they are not the best headphones though, but it is one of the good earbuds you can buy for under 100 Doller.

Nothing earbuds are cheap and the best

Nothing Ear (1): Design and Fit

The very first thing you will notice when you take them out of the box is they come in a transparent case, and the earbuds inside also seem to be transparent. The actual bud itself looks solid white. The stem part of the earbud looks transparent and you can see everything inside the stem and lower part. Instead of the usual L and R signs on the buds and inside the case, there’s a red (Right) and white (Left) dot. Everything you see inside the earbud has a very real purpose; nothing has been put there for sake of aesthetics. For me, it’s really good looking and I like the look of the Nothing Ear (1).

The Nothing Ear (1) comes with three sizes of silicone ear tips in the box. The measuring of the Nothing Ear (1) box is 58.6 X 58.6 X 23.7 mm, The case of small enough to put in your pocket. The Nothing earbuds weigh 4.7 g each which are lightweight and seem to be the perfect fit in-ears. I hope they didn’t fall out from ears during the workout. The nothing Ear (1) comes with an IPX4 rating which is meant to be sweat and splash resistant.

We can control the music by touching the earbuds.

  • Double-tap to pause or play the music
  • Triple-tap to skip through tracks
  • Hold down on the bud to switch between noise-canceling modes
  • Slide up and down the stem to adjust the volume

You can change gestures from the smartphone app. The Control on Nothing Ear (1) felt natural and buds are very responsive. I found little problem in normal and ANC modes. Other than that, they seem to everything good at it.

Nothing Ear (1): Charging and playback Time

For a single charge, the Nothing Ear (1) will last for 6 hours, when ANC is switched on, The charge lasts up to 4 hours. For the full charge for Nothing Ear (1), it takes up to 50 minutes a full charge from the case. If you have a short period, For the 10 min of charge it will give you over an hour of music. The Nothing Ear (1) case provides 24 hours of playback with ANC and 32 hours of playback when ANC is turned off. The Nothing Ear (1) Case comes with wireless charging support. If you don’t have a wireless charger, you can charge it USB-C cable which is included in the box. It takes up to 6 hours to charge 100% for the Nothing Ear (1) case.

Nothing ear (1)

Nothing Ear (1): Performance and Features

Nothing Ear (1) is packed inside tiny buds are 11.6 mm drivers, that’s pretty big for something small. What I Noticed is the treble wasn’t forceful enough, making High Notes a little underwhelming at times. Nothing Ear (1) earbuds do sound goods; they are delivering knock-Out performance but they are not delivering rich audio compared to Apple Air Pods.

On each Nothing Ear (1) earbuds, three microphones filter your voice for those on the other end of the phone to Understand what we speak. I tested this with the person on another end noted with clear and loud compression to other earbuds at this budget.

You get three active canceling modes on the Nothing Ear (1), Setting It to maximum does a very good job at cutting out noise. This Is impressive for 99 Doller TWS earbuds. The Light Mode cuts out a small amount of noise which is probably good for places like offices. Finally, the Transparent Mode lets all the sounds around you back in. To control the Nothing Earbuds, see their batteries level, and To activate noise cancellation, you can Get Ear (1) app on Android and iOS. You can Also activate the Find My Earbud feature from the app; it makes Bud produce Loud Beep noise which helps to find the lost earbuds which is a really good feature.

Reason To Buy cheap and best wireless earbuds

  • Easy-to-use touch controls
  • Loads of useful features like Find My Earbud
  • Active Noise Cancellation

Reason To Avoid cheap and best wireless earbuds

  • The case takes ages to charge
  • No manual EQ settings
  • The design isn’t fully transparent

Nothing Ear (1) : My Personal Opinion

Nothing Ear (1) with transparent design; they didn’t bring any new thing to the wireless earbuds but they made TWS to affordable for all people. The app Ear (1) is well organized and Battery life will be good enough and satisfy most people.

For the price of money below 100$, Nothing Ear (1) is pack in loads of extra features, decent sound, and good noise-canceling tech. In My opinion, they are the cheap and best wireless earbuds perfect value for money and I do like them. They are hardly going to kill Of Air Pods.

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