5 Reasons Why Android Phones is Superior to iPhone in 2021

Living without smartphones has become impossible in recent days. But from the rise of smartphones, there’s always a big debate between the smartphones OS. Which is technically it should be Android vs iOS. When we look at Smartphones most popular brand like Samsung, Pixel, Nokia, Redmi, etc. runs with android but only iPhones are running on iOS.

For those who still don’t aware of smartphone Operating systems, I’m giving you some basic information about smartphones OS Android and iOS. Android is developed by Google but the smartphones that run android are manufactured by different brands. On other hand, Apple is the developer of the iOS operating system and IOS runs only in iPhone devices which is also manufactured by Google.

Android and iOS are not only the Operating System of smartphones. Still, there is some smartphones device with another Operating system like Windows mobile, Blackberry OS, Symbian OS, Bada, Calyx OS and Lot more. But They are not as popular as Android and iOS. Let’s see Why Android Phones is Superior to iPhone in 2021

1.Smartphone Customization

Android Phones is Superior to iPhone

On taking any Smartphones to hand the first thing user prefer to do is customize his/her smartphone to user taste. Customization is probably the best feature of Android Devices. Even iPhone users accept that android devices are more customizable than iOS smartphones. Without A Doubt, the Android device defeats the iPhone in customization. Still, Some tech guys root their Android device to go beyond the basic customization.

When Android Users switched to iPhones, they’ll probably be dismayed when they realize how limited is customization on iPhones. On the other hand, the iPhone user defense on their end but iPhones are already beautifully designed and don’t need more customization. But most iPhone users are always excited when every time Apple releases a new update on its customization option.

2.More and Free Apps

Android is Better Than iOS

For Downloading apps in Android Operating System comes with the Play store and for iOS comes App Store as inbuilt software. From the play store and Appstore, we can download the required software in android and iOS respectively. The worst part is when we look into the Play Store and Appstore, Play Store has thousands and thousands of applications available in it for free use. But in Appstore, the application is limited compared to Play store and Most of them are paid application that we need to pay for it to download in our smartphone.

What is worse than having a device that costs too much and you have to pay for its apps? And we can install that app for free on a cheaper Android device. Maybe some iOS developers consider it like this – If people could buy an expensive smartphone, why they can’t pay for an application?

3.Money Matters

Android is better than iOS

Everyone knows that Android devices are manufactured by many different brands. So, there is a huge competition between smartphone manufacturers. In 2021, we can see for every month up to 10 to 15 smartphones are launched by many brands at economic to high-end flagship phones in different price ranges. Nearly 5 to 7 newly launched smartphones are launched at the affordable price range only a few smartphones are launched as expensive ones. As a result, there are more options for the user to buy smartphones that will fit their budget.

iPhone doesn’t work like that because as I said earlier Apple is the one and only manufacturer of their smartphones. So, iPhones can stick to high prices, they don’t have competition on smartphones with the same operating system.

4.Voice Assistants

Android Smartphones comes with google built-in assistant and iPhones comes with Siri personal assistant. We cannot choose which among them are good because both of them are unique in their ways. Both of them will do a pretty good job in supporting and responding to the user query. Now a day most smart gadgets and electronic products come with google assistant as a pre-built-in feature. So, in my personal, I’ll go with Google assistant. Google assistants are also generally better at understanding follow-up questions and offering contextual answers.

5.Expandable Storage

Android is Better Than iOS

Most of the android smartphones available on today’s market come with minimum internal storage of 64 Gigabytes to a Maximum of 256 Gigabytes as internal storage. Even though it more enough internal storage for the user, still some of the users prefer to add expandable memory to their smartphone so they can easily store and transfer data from one device to another device. We can see recent days some android smartphones are launched without expandable memory options, but most Android smartphones are launched with separate memory card slots or with Hybrid slots where we can use a second sim slot as a memory card slot which is pretty good for smartphone users.

For iPhone devices, that will never happen. iPhones don’t have expandable storage like some other Android smartphones. If you would love to opt for bigger memory space in iPhones, You will have to pay $150 more to get more storage on iCloud.

Some basic features that both Android and iPhone devices

  • Both feature 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G
  • Status bar
  • Voice assistants
  • UI (swipe, tap, pinch, zoom, etc.)
  • Status bar

Ready to Decide?

From the mentioned above reasons you can get a clear view of why Android is better than iPhones. But we admit still that there are some features that the iPhones have and android doesn’t have. The best thing about today’s developing technology is that they are focused on people’s needs and lifestyles. So, Either Android or iPhone are amazing devices that have been continuously upgrading to ensure their users the best smartphone experience.

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