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Mozilla Firefox Addons to protect your online privacy in 2021

Internet is not a private place for everyone, Websites and search engines are trying to learn as much as about you to sell your information to advertisers. Some of the biggest internet snoops, like Amazon and Facebook, follow you from site to site as you browse on the internet. Surfing on the internet is getting more challenging and we face lots and lots of spyware that will eat away our privacy and security.

But there is no need for this to stop us from utilizing the internet. We can use a Mozilla Firefox browser which comes with dozens and dozens of Mozilla Firefox addons designed to protect users from malicious websites, advertisements, and Online Trackers. Here I explained some of the good add-ons that help you to get a safe browsing experience.

1. Privacy Badger

Mozilla Firefox addons

Privacy Badger is arguably the best anti Tracking web browser extension for Mozilla Firefox. This extension was developed by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). Once you install the extension, you do not need to feed its list of websites to block, instead, it automatically combs out the ones that may be tracking you online.

You can see which trackers were blocked and modify them to turn off that blocking for that site if you wish. This Mozilla Firefox add-on starts blocking if it sees the same trackers on different sites. Privacy Badger learns as you travel the web, So it keeps getting better over time. Privacy Badger requires no effort or configuration of work. Just Leave it after install it. This Extension is available on most browsers.

2. HTTPS Everywhere

Htttps Everywhere extension

Secure webpages use the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, which encrypts your credit card, personal information, and other sensitive data of the website users. Not all websites are HTTPS enables websites, so you need an extension in your privacy setup for good site securing.

HTTPS everywhere is also developed by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), an organization that’s fighting for user’s digital rights. This Mozilla Firefox add-on helps its user to secure your browsing experience by making the browser load the HTTPS version of any site you visit. The Date sent from your device to the computer is safe from prying eyes and SSL-encrypted.

3. Adblock Plus

Adblock addons

AdBlock plus helps you to reduce the risk of infection with malware without impacting your browser performance. AdBlock plus extension blocks all types of ads shown on the website. If you worry about your favorite sites will stop getting ad revenue and lose financial backing AdBlock allow you to add your favorite or trusted website by adding them to whitelist to help them drive their revenue.

4. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin Addons

uBlock Origin is a lightweight, effective, simple and widely trusted ad blocked by millions of people. uBlock origin extension helps you to eliminate most of the unwanted stuff from the website you visit.

You can see how many ads were blocked by the uBlock origin and where they came from by just clicking the uBlock Origins Icon. You can also turn off ad blocking for an individual site in uBlock Origin. This Mozilla Firefox free add-on helps you to enable or disable different options, Create your filter, whitelist specific sites and add more filters lists.

5. Avast Online Security

Avast online security addon

If you want to protect yourself against Phishing Sites, web trackers, and adware, Avast Online security will help you from this. This Mozilla Firefox Add-on Avast online security automatically identified and filters out phishing sites that aim to steal users’ information.

Whenever we enter a new website, the Icon of the Add-on will change color and also display a number. The Number gives how many tracking systems the extension detects. It can block social networks, ads, web analytics from tracking you, either at all sites or just at the site you choose. From the feedback of other windows PC Avast users, this Avast online security indicates whether a site is safe or risky.

6. Cookie AutoDelete

Cookie Autodelete add on

It was the first web extension for the browser that supports cookie auto-deleting functionality. It is One of the most important features of the Add-ons is, they can delete site data when the tab is closed or the browser is restarted.

Cookies are the little one of the sneakiest little privacy suckers on the internet. Cookies are little packets of data that a website sends to and store on your PC. Cookie AutoDelete gives you easier and quicker control over cookies, It will delete all cookies you don’t want automatically when you close the tab. The whitelist can be set for the website that you don’t want to delete cookies.

7. Bloody Vikings!

Bloody Vikings!

Bloody Vikings! is an extension for Firefox that makes it easy to add “creation of abandoned e-mail addresses” for temporary use in the browser’s right-click menu. You can select more than one service to create an email address.

After installing the bloody Vikings! extension, head to the add-on settings for Bloody Vikings! and open them up. You’ll see a list of all the supported disposable email address services. You can learn more about each by clicking the “About” link beside each service.


Wot web extensions

WOT – Web of Trust. From the name of the extension, you can get what is extensions for. WOT is the online community that’s trying to untrusted or Spam sites and maintain a list of trusted internet websites.

The WOT (Web of Trust) add-ons will show you the trust meter for the website and search results. It warns you when you are at accessing an untrusted or Spam website. We can also contribute to the WOT community by giving your rating about the website you visited, Helps others browse safely.

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