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Average smartphone life and How Long Now the Smartphones Last?

Everyone noticed that all smartphone devices have a very low life span. In recent days Most people are replacing their smartphones every year. reason can be broadly classified for various reasons. As technology changes day to day, it’s no doubt most android and iPhones smartphones users are looking for the next best smartphones that available in the market. Do you know what is the average smartphone life?

The Technology Upgrades and Bank EMI plans are considering its user to switch to a new device before the existing phone getting old. Even Older adults have not ready for compromising with their old and outdated smartphones. Maybe you have a smartphone that seems outdated either you are willing to jump into the world of the newest technology or want to stick with old phones? Did you ever think about how long the average smartphone is supported to last and when is the time to start thinking about replacing it with new smartphones?

How long does your smartphone last?

Most of the smartphones may be for any brand like Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi, etc it’ll give you 2.5 to 3 years. The most common reason toward the end of a smartphone’s usable life will begin when the device gets slow down. There are some particular problems as it relates to smartphones, to which you should pay attention. They will directly impact how long it will be before you need a replacement.

Battery Life Impact on Smartphones life

Average smartphone Life

It’s common, Batteries in all Mobile get degrades with time. There is no way of avoiding the decrease in battery capacity over time. where the problem arises is if you depend on your smartphone for your whole day, and you have the one charge to last for the entire day.

Your device can hold a charge for only a few hours when the battery is at the end of its life cycle. You might look at the device the charge is significantly depleted, even if you rarely used it. Maintaining your phone at a moderate temperature can extend your battery life. In 2021 most smartphones are launched with in-built batteries. when it comes to battery replacement new battery is sure to be expensive. At the time you can ask yourself whether it is worth spending on a new battery or simply get a new smartphone.

Screen Damage Impact on Smartphone life

Average smartphones life

When the screen is damaged and impossible to read or use with a damaged screen, many will take this as a sign their phone is no longer useable. A damaged or broken screen means that you are in danger of cutting your finger when you try to use it. You can pay to get the screen replaced, and sometimes that is cost-effective.

It is also possible that some components inside the phone when your screen gets damaged. In this case, you cannot change the screen under the budget. Most of the users don’t like to use smartphones with a shattered screens. Breaking phone screens on the smartphone can consider as bad luck for some sets of people. So, we need to compromise our user experience to use our smartphones with broken screens.

Lack of app support impact on Smartphone life

An average android phone today can last for more than 2 to 3 years on its merit if anyone is willing to keep it alive. However, with each android API update, new libraries are added, and some older ones get deprecated. Developers must keep their apps on Google Play Store updated with these latest changes. To ensure the same functionality and features of the app on all devices, eventually, older devices have to be abandoned. For Example, WhatsApp abandoning android 2.2 and below devices. Thus, the phones not only lack features from the latest Android, but also third-party app support.

No standard hardware Impact on Smartphone life

Ever wondered why it is so easy to upgrade Windows PC? It happens automatically, directly from Microsoft. At most, you need to download the .iso file, burn it to a thumb drive and you are good to update your system.

Why doesn’t this happen to Android? This is because most PCs have hardware standardization (IBM). An OS knows where to expect what hardware. In contrast, Google has not specifically set any hardware standards. There are a couple of tests like Compatibility Test Suite which an OEM must pass their device through, but it isn’t similar to IBM standard. Compatibility Test Suite, as mentioned above and Compatibility Definition Document decides to which device, an OEM can officially put an android update. Check the latest CDD here. Sometimes, CTS prevents OEMs to push updates to perfectly capable devices. Sometimes, CTS prevents OEMs to push updates to perfectly capable devices. Android 11 Compatibility Definition Open-Source project.

Hardware aging impact of Smartphone life

As mentioned previously, current android phones have the hardware to keep up for about 2 to 3 years. However, phone manufacturers have the only income by sales from their devices. As a result, they need to keep releasing newer devices periodically, with better hardware than the previous generation of devices. This makes owners of older devices feel that theirs have become excessively aged. So, people buy new phones and older ones quickly reach End of Life, both in software and hardware.

Conclusion: Keeping Your Phones for last Longer

Ensure that you are longer ownership of your smartphones are to keep them in a Good protective Case and keep a quality screen protector on the smartphone. Often keep your phones away from your children’s which will reduce the physical damage to your smartphone. Maintain a perfect backup of the Phone date in Drive or iCloud. Lifestyle will play a part in how soon you get a new smartphone. In any case, treat your smartphone well ant it may last longer. Take care of your smartphones enjoy their full experience a then keep moving up with the new updated technology or else you will get outdated.

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