Redgear Pro Wireless gamepad

Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad Honest Review

There are many brands available in the market which provide gaming accessories and fit on the budget for Gamers. In the List, Redgear is one of them. I’m Using Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad for more than 5 months now let me share my experience with the wireless gamepad and tell you the Pros and Cons. So, here’s a completely honest review of the Redgear Pro Wireless Gaming Controller.

Redgear Pro Wireless Gameing Controller Packaging and Box Contents

I ordered a Redgear wireless gamepad on amazon. The Box arrived after 3 days after ordering the product. The Redgear pro wireless comes in a box that doesn’t have a premium look but the package is good enough to protect the gamepad and its accessories. The Redgear gamepad comes in a plastic tray and it includes with Couple of Wireless Dongles, a Tiny CD drive, a Micro USB charging cable, and a user manual that are fits inside the plastic Tray.

Redgear Controller Box contents

Redgear Pro Wireless Features

  • 2 analog Triggers
  • 2 analog sticks
  • Illuminated ABXY keys
  • 11 Digital keys
  • Integrated Force Feedback
  • Built In Battery
  • 10m wireless Compactible
  • Windows 10 and Windows 11 compatible
Redgear wireless controller

Wireless Joystick Built Quality

The rubberized layer on both sides of the wireless gamepad provides a good and satisfactory grip in hand for gamers. The material used for built the wireless gaming controller is really good. The Weight distribution in the wireless gaming controller is perfect and the Gaming Controller sits well in the gamer’s hand. The Joystick and dpad are placed at prefer Position. The joystick is very smooth and sensitive.

The X Y A B buttons are illuminated and gaming joysticks LT and RT are placed in the perfect position for a good gaming experience for gamers. All buttons A, B, X, Y, LT, RT, LB, and RB are clicky and acceptable in this price segment. The Charing Port in Redgear Pro wireless gaming controller Is place is the perfect place so you can plug in the charger and continue the game it won’t disturb your gaming experience in any way. To turn on the Redgear pro wireless gaming controller plug one of the dongles into your system and press the start button that’s it your gamepad is ready to play. To turn off Redgear pro wireless gaming controller press the home and ‘B’ buttons for 5 sec till the lights turns off in Gaming controller. Overall, the Redgear Pro wireless controller comes with Decent built quality and Sturdy Gamepad.

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Wireless Joystick Connectivity

It’s a wireless gamepad. The gamepad has ten meters of range. Just plug in the Dongle and press the home button on the gamepad and you are set to go. I didn’t get any issues with the connectivity while playing the game. It’s a wireless gaming controller Soo Dongle is always needs to be connected to a PC even you are charging the gamepad by plugging it into your computer.

How can we connect to the computer when the Redgear pro wireless receiver is lost? No problem when the Redgear gamepad receiver is lost. it is separately available on amazon for sale. You can purchase and connect your gaming controller with a new dongle when you lost the Redgear pro wireless receiver.

Wireless Joystick Battery Life

For a single charge, the Redgear pro Wireless gaming controller battery lasts for 8 hours. For the price point which is good and enough for the gamers who got a bunch of lights as well. This gaming controller comes with a non-detachable lithium-ion battery inside. It takes about 1.5 hours to complete the full charge. The LED tells you about the status of the battery.

Redgear Pro Wireless Controller Performance

I used to play GTA V, Need for Speed Payback, Watch Dogs 2, FIFA 18, and Rainbow Six Siege on this wireless gaming controller. Trust Me it will not disappoint you. Seriously I’m surprised by its Gaming performance. I found zero issues with this gamepad while Playing games on PC. It has Almost zero input Lagging.

The Gamepad comes with X-input and direct-input compatibility that allow you to play all the latest games. You can easily move between X-input mode and Direct input mode with dedicated switches. Redgear Pro wireless gaming controller comes with a dual Vibration Motor which provides a very good gaming experience for gamers. The Vibrations is Not very hard and gives you a very natural feel especially the games Like FIFA, Need for Speed, etc.

Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad limitations

Even though Redgear Pro wireless gaming controller gives a good gaming experience it has some cons and limitations. 

  • The Controller has very good grip but I don’t find that grippy feel in analog Sticks
  • ON and Off of the gaming controller works weird sometimes
  • We cannot able to customize the RGB lighting.

Redgear Pro Wired Gamepad

The Redgear Pro wired gamepad is exactly had the same built-in and same gaming performance. The major difference between them is connectivity. The is no major big difference between wired and wireless gamepads. I suggest you go with the Redgear wireless gamepad which gives you the next level in the gaming experience by playing games in your comfort position. Comparing the price wireless joysticks is just ₹ 400 higher than a wired joystick.

Verdict: Best Budget Wireless Gamepad

Having used it for More than Five months, I can say that this wireless gamepad very good gaming controller at this Price Point of ₹ 1700. Still, you may have some questions like is Redgear pro Wireless game on Android TV? and Redgear pro wireless on Android mobile? I have tested it. By using OTG cable you can also connect Redgear pro wireless gamepad on android mobile and play any game you want. I don’t have android TV so I can’t able test Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad on Android TV. If any of you know is Redgear Pro wireless on android TV leaves a comment below. If you want a wireless gaming experience without emptying your wallet, then it is the best value for money to buy. If you have any queries or if you’re already a gamer with this gamepad share your feedback in the comment below


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