Difference Between TV and Monitor

What is the Difference Between TV and Monitor & Which is good for gaming?

We need to know that what is difference between TV and monitor, do you know the TV and Monitor are used for performing a similar function. Even though the are several differences between the monitors and LCD/LED TV, a Significant difference between them is that television is built by merging the video monitor, audio speaker, an RF tuner. on the other hand, Monitor does not need an RF tuner and audio speaker.

The most important difference between TV and monitor would lie in its size. The Recent days, the modern monitor and TV are available in large as compared to conventional technologies, But the TV is coming in larger size compared to a monitor.


Tv is an electrical device for viewing video content. In recent Days, Tv is manufactured in large sizes and by increasing the size and coat of the product also increase. The radiofrequency tuner and the audio speaker are combined to the monitor, then resulting will be a television. The singles are received by the television and change the signals into sounds and pictures.

The Television has Tuner and Remote to change the channels, adjust the volume. Earlier the Cathode Ray tubes and later it’s replaced by LCD and LED displays. Now the technology has upgraded to 4k display TVs.

Pros Of TelevisionCons Of Television
Bigger ScreenLow Resolution
Choice of Screen sizeHigh Response Time
Built-In SpeakersHigh Latency
Remote ControlLimit Number of ports


The monitor is one of the computer hardware that is used to display the output to the users. So, the monitor is classified as an output device. Like Television they used cathode Ray tube that helps to render the video in earlier monitors. Now the monitor is manufactured in LCD, LED, and 4K display and indifferent screen size. The main aim behind the Monitor is to provide stability and accuracy in the output video image.

Pros Of MonitorCons Of Monitor
Low response timeSmall Screen
Display portsNo in-built speaker
High resolution and Pixel DensityNo remote-control option
High refresh Rate 

TV vs Monitor: How do monitor and TV differ?

Difference Between TV and Monitor

TVs are larger and more focused on things like color reproducing and viewing experience rather than responsiveness or sheer pixel density. They also tend to be much better for viewing at wide angles.

Monitors are usually smaller in size; they tend to have much higher pixel density and refresh rate even in the back days of CTR display. They have many Narrow viewing angles and aren’t as focused on color reproduction. Let’s compare and see the difference between TV and Monitor


Monitor can be 720p, 1080p, 1440p and 4k. The 720p and 1080p are most common. There are some wider resolutions for an ultrawide and super ultrawide monitor like 2560X1080 for a 21:9 ratio.

TV has a resolution of 1366X768 also called as ready, 1080p, 4k, and even 8k resolutions. TVs are meant to be viewed from afar, not up close as a monitor are using of a monitor is a definite no-go. when a gamer sets tv and monitor a gaming setup he/she may notice the resolution difference clearly.

Screen Size

The monitor is not available in much larger sizes. As these are operated from a specific distance, it would become so inconvenient if your monitor size is too big. However, for gaming purposes, the large screen gives a good experience for users.

Television is available in all sizes. But larger size TVs attract more customers as visibility of larger TVs is good and covers a large and wider angle.

Aspect Ratio and Input Lag

A normal monitor has an aspect ratio of 4:3. Due to the high response rate, there is negligible input lag present in the monitor

As HDTV standard, TVs are now made in a rectangular shape, and the aspect ratio is 16:9. A television provides low input latency and response time.


Most of the Monitor comes with HDMI, VGA, Display Port, DVI, Type-C USB, and Thunderbolt via Type-C ports.

Television is coming with AV in, AV out, Component in, Antenna in, HDMI, VGA, Type-A USB, Ethernet, audio in and out via 3.5mm jack.

Image Quality and Viewing Angle

The image quality produced in Monitor is sharp and more realistic. The viewing angle of the monitor is 115 degrees approximately.

Televisions provide a better viewing experience. The images produced on TV are more appealing. The TV provides a wider angle to view it. One can view it from any angle in the range of 160 degrees. These are the major difference between the TV and Monitor.

is it better to play on a monitor or TV?

Difference Between TV and Monitor

If you are playing casual games, single-player games a TV is much better than a monitor setup. The monitor seems to be a better choice for a pure online multiplayer game with latency and more Monitor gives a pure gaming experience compared to Monitor. Many gamers are used to build their gaming room set up with TV and Monitor gaming set up.

If you are Xbox or play station gamer, a TV with HDR might be a more viable option, although there is a great monitor for the gaming console. With a TV and Monitor gaming setup, we can enjoy the Dual experience.

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Is monitor better for Photo and Video editing than TV?

The color output of the Monitor is different from that of the TV. The monitor is designed to show colors properly compared to TV. The monitor is optimized to display the proper color. The same image on TV we can find the difference in it.

We can connect the monitor to the computer in many ways. Such as VGA, HDMI, and DVI. Many monitors have additional USB ports. Which can include USB 3.0 which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. So, we can use the Monitor for editing which has many advantages over using a TV for editing. The monitor is better than the TV for photo and video editing. So, you can get the best visual quality possible.

Similarities between monitor and television

monitor is good for gaming

As I said earlier, a significant difference between them is that television is built by merging the video monitor, audio speaker, an RF tuner. on the other hand, Monitor does not need an RF tuner and audio speaker. Other than that, all other basic things are common in both TV and monitor. Their performance may be varied based on their price range. These are the similarities between monitor and television


The Television and Monitor were two different gadgets. But nowadays the display device is also available which have both features monitor and television. We can simply say as tv and monitor in one. You can see many companies are branding their products as tv and monitor in one which can act as tv and monitor in one. In my opinion, if size, Smart picture, the cinematic experience you can opt for TV. If speed and response speed is important then the monitor is the best option for you.

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