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ZTE nubia Red Magic 6s Pro- 165-hertz Gaming Phone

How’s it going everyone it is Anwer.  Here and in this article, we’re going to be showcasing the brand-new red magic 6s pro-165-hertz gaming phones. we’re going to be covering the unboxing experience initial impressions of the device covering some of the many unique features this device holds such as the gaming mode the included fan cooling system the 165-hertz screen and the gaming triggers.

we’re going to be covering native mobile android games alongside some emulation tests running some of my favorite GameCube and PSP games alongside its streaming capabilities using the PS5, Xbox series, steam link, and cloud streaming services to test the phone’s capabilities and offer a more unique perspective for a potential buyer for a gaming phone with more and more high budget mobile releases such as call of duty mobile, Fortnite, Genshin impact, PUBG, League of legends, wild rift, and the highly anticipated battlefield mobile release gaming on mobile is becoming more and more popular.

Red Magic 6s Pro Unboxing

Red Magic 6s Pro

if you’re in the market for a brand-new phone and outright speed of the operating system applications and overall usability alongside its gaming performance are incredibly important to you. then red magic 6s pro ( high refresh rate phone ) could be a fantastic option especially with this starting at just 519 pounds the device will come in a relatively standard phone box with this nice embossed carbon fiber design opening up the phone. the case will reveal the handset at the top covered in its plastic protective wrapping moving this to the side you’ll be able to find the accessories pack underneath this in the box. you’ll be able to find the included 30-watt quick charge adapter alongside a provided USB-C to USB-C cable which is capable of transferring up to 66 watts which the phone supports.

Upon opening up, the accessories pack you’ll be met with the included sim tool which is a more gamer style sim tool that I actually prefer over the traditional style as this feels a lot sturdier. you’ll be able to find a quick start guide, your warranty card alongside the provided clear silicon case in which comes free with every single one of these handsets.

Initial impressions on 165-hertz Gaming Phone

The high refresh rate phone felt absolutely fantastic. I was expecting the handset to feel slightly on the cheaper side given its gamer aesthetic but the device feels nice and weighty and incredibly premium. there are no rough edges on the sides everything feels completely flush the buttons are fantastic and overall, I would say this is up there with the most premium smartphones.

Red Magic 6s Physical Overview

In terms of feel and fitment taking a look at the top of the device, you’ll be able to find the power button and one of two of the fan ventilation grilles on the phone as there is an internal fan on this phone in which you can turn on and off.  Along the right side of the phone, you’ll also be able to find both of the haptic feedback triggers which have been included which are touch-sensitive which you can set up in any single game and rebind at your will.

you’ll notice that this phone actually does include a standard 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and here you can see the three-camera setup on this phone main shooter being a Samsung 64-megapixel sensor an 8 megapixel ultra-wide and a 2-megapixel macro lens. you’ll also be able to find the included flash underneath this which is a rather unique design compared to some phones alongside this. you’ll also be able to see one of the custom buttons on the back of the phone marked as touch where you can swipe left and right on this section of the back of the phone whilst you’re playing games on the bottom of the phone, you’ll be able to see the sim tray, the USB-C connector and also one of two the main speakers on the phone the left-hand side of the device features the red gaming switch means you can switch instantaneously at any point.

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Booting Up the 165-hertz gaming phone

165-hertz  Gaming Phone

The Google sign-in feature where you can also transfer all of your old apps from an old device and any more data which is currently connected to any google account you may already have. as mentioned earlier on there is an under-screen fingerprint reader on this phone which is one of the fastest, I’ve ever used. not only in terms of the screen quality the colors, and the brightness but the refresh rate is absolutely phenomenal and this is by far the fastest device in which I’ve ever used.

Everything you’d want from a phone tailored towards speed and performance. the phone also comes with a pre-installed screen protector which in my opinion is an incredibly highly underrated feature to get from a new phone as this will help prevent you from scratching or damaging the screen.  especially when setting up the phone for the first time we can install the phone into the provided silicon case very quickly and easily just by snapping it inside of it. in my opinion, the silicone case provides the phone with a bit more of a more comfortable feel, especially if you’re going to be using this in longer gaming sessions and making use of the gaming triggers. once we’ve booted into the operating system we’re going to go to the quick access bar.

by dragging down at the top and selecting our screen refresh rate to maximize it to the 165hz supported mode. once that’s been selected this phone is incredibly fast especially in the operating system. playing any games which support above 60 frames per second before getting my hands on this device my main driver was a Samsung s20 ultra which is one of the first phones to feature a 120-hertz screen and this completely blows it out of the water.

Red Magic 6s Pro Operating System and Complete Specification

About the operating system, this is currently running red magic OS version 4.10 which is a reskinned version of android 11. so, if you are familiar with the Android operating system you’ll feel right at home here so what about specs pricing and availability the phone features the brand-new industry-leading snapdragon 888+ chip which is one of the first handsets to hit the market with this available for the screen. we have a full HD plus AMOLED screen featuring a 165hz refresh rate at 2400 by 1080 resolution coming in at 6.8 inches and one of the craziest specs on this phone is the 720-hertz multi-finger touch sampling rate. even the original red magic 6 and red magic 6 pro(165-hertz gaming phone) featured a 500-hertz touch rate which means just for one finger whereas this phone features 720 hertz for multiple fingers.

at the same time for cameras, we have an 8-megapixel front-facing selfie camera we have a Samsung  64 megapixel main shooter a 2-megapixel macro lens, and an 8-megapixel wide-angle this phone features Bluetooth 5.1 all of the major wi-fi bands including wi-fi 6e. USB-C you have a standardized 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, NFC, and their brand new-gen 7 under-screen fingerprint sensor which also features a heart rate monitor you have DTS x compatible dual speakers that come in a weight of 215 grams. which is lighter than the previous-gen red magic 6 and red magic 6 pro (high refresh rate phone ).

Upgraded cooling featuring a low power high-speed fan a 550 milliamp-hour battery support for 66-watt fast charging and depending on the model which you get either 12 gigabytes of lpddr5 and 120 gigs of storage or 16 gigabytes of lpddr5 and 256 gigs of storage. the dual shoulder gaming triggers have also been upgraded slightly to feature 450 has a response rate and you also have an extra macro key on the back of the phone on the included touch area.

165-hertz gaming phone Launch date and Models

The phone also features full support for the google play store which is pre-installed on the device where you’re able to install all of your favorite apps and games including google play verified apps such as Netflix. so, there are no issues with running those here for specs and price to performance this is going to be one of the most compelling options on the market if you’re a power user and want the fastest phone possible not just for gaming but all-around usability the phone officially launches on September 27th where there’ll be three different versions of the handset available.

the base model features 12 gigabytes of LPDDR5 memory alongside 128 gigs of storage this comes in at 599 or 519 pounds, the next tier up from that is going to feature 16 gigabytes of LPDDR5 memory alongside 256 gigabytes of storage coming in at 699 or 609 pounds and for the top tier device this also features 16 gigabytes of   LPDDR5 memory alongside 256 gigs of storage but this version of the device is transparent. but you can see some of the components inside and it has a nice fancy design this comes in at 729 or 629 pounds with the base model coming in at just 599 you are getting some phenomenal specs for the money.

Gaming Smartphone Compared to Samsung s20

My current phone is the Samsung s20 ultra which is the featuring the Exynos chip this is a top-of-the-range phone in which doubles the cost of the red magic 6s pro. out of my own curiosity, I wanted to put these phones head-to-head and a few benchmark tests running them multiple times to see how they are initially on performance and how they perform after a strenuous long stress test which would simulate running a game for over 10 minutes. in one standing or jumping into the benchmarks they practically speak for themselves as you can see here the red magic 6s pro (high refresh rate phone) is beating the Samsung in every single benchmark we’re throwing at it and the more and more benchmarks you run back-to-back as the phones become hotter and hotter and hotter this is where you can see the snapdragon 8 plus and the advanced cooling system on this phone really leaving the Samsung in the dust one thing.

I was incredibly surprised with the 6s pro was actually just how nice the screen is in terms of overall brightness and color accuracy. I actually preferred it over the Samsung’s and not to mention the 165hz refresh rate made it feel incredibly snappy the only main difference between these phones priced so differently from each other is there is an ever so slightly better camera on the s20 ultra slightly tougher glass and a higher water-resistant rating and it loses out in every single department besides this.  so, you’re probably wondering at this point, what is this thing like to game on what’s the performance like now with this red magic 6s pro.

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Game mode Switch and Game Sense Mode

To get the most out of your games you’re going to want to use the game mode switch on the left-hand side of the phone. That red switch, flicking this switch will instantly bring you into the red magic gaming OS or game sense mode.  in here you’ll be able to find all of your games in which you have installed to the phone or any programs in which you want to add to the game sense launcher well they’ll then feature 100 priorities over all other apps on the system allowing for the best performance possible. when that app is launched upon booting any of your favorite games. on the top left and top right of the screen, you’ll be able to notice these small transparent notches, drag one of these to the side and this will open up the game space whilst you’re in-game. here’s where you have some power plant options available to you, which will change the clock speed of the CPU, GPU, and the speed of the cooling fan on the phone to maximize performance or stretch out some battery life past the power plan.

you’ll have some quick access options to some applications and stores of the phone which you can sideload or overlay on the screen. whilst you’re playing your game in the background and you’ll have quick access options to your brightness your screen’s refresh rate where you can go from 60, 90, 120, and 165 hertz. on the fly, you’ll also have the on and off feature for the turbofan. in case you want to turn this on or off you have a manual recording button, so you can record whatever’s on the screen at any time just by simply pressing this button you’ll also have an fps counter in which you can just simply press then drag this to anywhere on the screen. at any time, you’re able to block messages add controllers screenshot block calls, and add custom features. alongside being able to see the phone’s battery percentage and the network usage on the left-hand side.

Dual shoulder gaming triggers and Macro keys

high refresh rate phone

you can bring yourself quickly back into the home screen of your phone you can also access the settings and the shoulder trigger setup, this is where we can set up those haptic feedback triggers on the top left, top right, and also the macro at the back of the phone for swiping to set up the gaming triggers. go to the top left-hand side to touch the button make sure this is switched to the position you’ll then be able to see the left and right buttons on the left and right of the screen. you’ll then simply want to do is drag the left button over the button you want this to press on your screen so if you want this to be aiming in the game drag the left side onto that button on-screen drag the right trigger onto whatever option you want so whether that be shooting or aim down sight or whatever it is you want in your game. then finally select the “m” button to be able to set up the macro, where you can then drag this to anywhere on the screen as well to also activate that option once those options have then been activated pressing the gaming triggers will then press the buttons in which they’ve hovered over on the screen.

you can turn on or off the haptic feedback in the top right-hand side and adjust the touch sensitivity of the gaming triggers once those are then set up dragging your finger across the back of the phone on that “m” touch section. we’ll then press the “m” button left trigger will press the left button right trigger will press the right button offering a clear advantage to anyone that doesn’t have these features available to them heading over to the plugins section this is where we can actually set up a few fancy features.

New Gaming Features for Shotting Games

the main feature we’re going to be focusing on is the site assist turning this to the startup option will enable an on-screen crosshair in which you can set up and configure to any size this is fantastic for some of those games that might have a bad crosshair so for an extra advantage you can use that setting on any game with the snapdragon 8 plus and the cooling system on this phone it’s absolutely blasting through any of the games in which I’ve tried.

PUBG mobile offering a fantastic gaming experience with the DTS x supported dual speakers sound on the phone is absolutely fantastic.

Emulation tests on GameCube and PSP games

As mentioned earlier in this article this phone is also incredibly powerful for emulation. I personally used both the PSP and the dolphin emulators which can emulate Gamecube and Wii games and for the majority of games which I’ve thrown at this phone for both the PSP and Gamecube they have run absolutely fantastically not only that but with the phone being as powerful as it is especially on the PSP. we’re able to run up to 10 times the original PSP’s resolution on the phone natively hitting either 30 or 60 fps depending on which game you’re playing and what the fps is capped to at all times but the main star of the show here is the dolphin emulator this phone is able to play tons of the original GameCube and games upscaled to a beautiful 720p or in some use case scenarios 1080p or above this means games such as the original.

Night fire, super Mario, sunshine and tons more are available right here on the phone if android games aren’t your gig emulation doesn’t interest you also have options such as steam link, AMD link, GeForce now, stadia, Xbox remote play, and also PlayStation remote play which work all fantastically on this. especially given this device supports wi-fi six and I have a wi-fi six router in my house so if I want to stream any games from my high-end gaming pc my PlayStation 5 or Xbox series s across my network to my phone anywhere in the house. even if I fancy just a change of pace to be able to sit on the couch with a phone and a controller or if someone else is using the tv and I still want to play PlayStation this phone is a great option.

ZTE nubia Red Magic 6s Pro – Verdict

Closing opinions of the red magic 6s pro 165-hertz gaming phone (high refresh rate phone) I think it’s an incredibly fantastic device especially given at its price point the base model which I have which features 12 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigs of storage is more than enough for me and its way more powerful than any phone in which I’ve used and that’s coming from a Samsung s20 ultra which was worth. just over a year ago the device feels surprisingly premium with high-quality materials used throughout and one of the most beautiful displays which I’ve seen on any smartphone 165hz refresh rate is incredibly fast and snappy the overall specs of this phone blow almost anything out of the water the low compromise has been that there is not a water resistance rating on this phone.

Obviously, with the calling fan vents on the side of the phone, this isn’t waterproof alongside only using 2.5 d cornering gorilla glass on the front screen the smash resistance of this phone isn’t going to be great if there are very few compromises that do not bother you with the outright specs of the phone and how competitive the pricing is. if you guys have enjoyed this article, please do remember to leave a comment.

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